PIC numbers and Bridle numbers

PIC numbers and Bridle numbers

3 July 2021

All competitors are required to give their PIC numbers when riding on our PLAYDAYS or competition days. All dressage competitors are required to have a bridle number.

PIC numbers are 'Property Identification Code'. Each rural or rural residential property can have a PIC number. If you have any farm animals including horses you are required to have a PIC number & each year should pay a fee to the 'Local Land Services'.

Information is available on this website;- https://www.lls.nsw.gov.au/i-want-to/apply-for-a-property-identification-code  or on this link

Form to apply for your PIC is HERE


Bridle Numbers 

Information below is from Equestrian Australia;-

If you are competing in Dressage competitions you will require a bridle number - please ring the office on 02 9620 2660 to obtain this number or email us on info@ensw.org.au

We require the following information -

  • Horse's Name
  • Horse's Height - so we know to give you either a horse number of a pony number. Pony Numbers are given if the height is 14.2 5/8 or less.
  • Horse's EA registration number - a horse or pony does not need to be registered with us to obtain a bridle number.

If you have previously had a Bridle Number for a horse that is now no longer competing you may transfer the number to your new horse, however you will need to advise us as we do reallocate numbers no longer used.  

We do not supply number holders for your bridle. These may be purchased at your saddlery store.

With new horse registrations you will be automatically given a bridle number if you purchase a Dressage Competition licence.